eTail Delivery 2018

September 19-September 20, 2018


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Going Global: The Cost To Serve In e-Commerce

Retailers face uncertain times in Europe over the coming years. EU data sharing regulations are tightening, and the potential fallout from Brexit is as yet unknown. This report looks at how retailers plan to grow through this uncertainty, by increasing efficiency and investing in emerging markets.

In Q2 of 2017 eTail Delivery & WBR Digital surveyed 100 e-commerce executives based in Europe. The research prioritised large multinational retailers, with a focus on their activities worldwide. Respondents to the survey were Heads of Operations, Directors of Distribution or others of an equal standing. The survey was conducted by appointment over the telephone. The results were compiled and anonymised by eTail Delivery & WBR Digital and are presented here with analysis and commentary by members of the eTail Delivery community.